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THC-O Dabs – 1 Gram


These THC-O dabs are Utoya’s favorite new addition to the line-up. These tasty sugar wax dabs are sure to pack the punch you are looking for. You don’t need to change how you are dabbing, choose your preferred device such as a dab rig and banger with a nice carb cap or get a vaporizer to enjoy a controlled temperature. Regardless of your preference for the device, you will be sure to enjoy these well-crafted THC-O wax dabs.


Utoya’s Premium THC-O Dabs – One Gram Jars

These THC-O dabs are one of Utoya’s favorite addition to the line-up. They are a bit of a creeper and may take about 20 minutes to kick, but when they kick, they buck. Get your next lift with some THC-O dabs! This is more of a sugar-wax consistency.


This is a clean shatter, it’s initial inhale is very smooth with a fairly strong blueberry after taste that really rounds up the full flavor, but not enough to cause substantial irritation to the throat, it still remains pretty smooth.

How Does It Feel?

THC-O varies from person to person, however, our team tried it themselves and said it is a energetic and uplifted buzz with a creeper style climb that is very giggly and euphoric. Very enjoyable, and surprisingly potent! Don’t do too much! A Dab will do ya!

What is a dab? What is dabbing?

Dabbing is another form of vaporization. There are a few ways to do this. The first and most common way is using an electronic wax vape pen. These are usually the best way to go when trying to stay compact or discreet.

Wax Pen - Atmos

Another portable option is a glass straw nectar collector. Essentially, this is a medium-length glass straw with a narrowed tip, or more complex nectar collectorsΒ have small set-ups that involve a few attachments such as different tips (ie: glass, metal, ceramic) for the user’s preference.

Glass Straws.

Nectar Collectors







Other seasoned individuals may like to use what is called a dab rig/oil rig. A dab rig is most commonly made by combining a shapely glass water pipe that has a special glass attachment that features a small bucket shape, sometimes accompanied by a stem, called aΒ nailΒ that stems down into the female receptor on the water pipe. This attachment is called usually called a banger but if you are looking for the stem in the center, you want to refer to that as a nail. You can also combine these with any traditional water pipe as well. Experiences definitely vary. We suggest not smoking flower from the same water pipe that you will be smoking your shatter with. For the best experience, a clean rig is desirable.

Dab Rig Examples



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