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Get Krispy Bar – Delta 8 THC – 100 mg each

Delicious Freshly Made Delta 8 Rice Krispy Treats – 100mg

Ruby’s Delta 8 Delight Get Krispy Treats! Ruby finished the first batch and they were SOLD OUT immediately! By popular demand, a new batch is on the way!! These gooey delicious treats are sure to carry you the whole way to a sweet satisfying euphoria!

  • Authentic Rice Krispy Cereal Treat
  • Made with Real Jumbo Jet Marshmallows
  • Raw Delta-8 THC Distillate
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil – MCT Oil – Coconut
  • 2″ x 2″ x 1″ Squares
  • Limited Availability (Order Now!)


Get Krispy Treats – Delta 8 Edible Rice Krispy Treats

Get “crispy” with our deliciously infused Delta 8 Edible “Rice Krispy Treats” infused with Delta 8 distillate.

Gooey, delicious, sweet, bright, and uplifting! These Nice Krispy treats are packingΒ 100 mg apiece means ONE treat can be shared. 2 to 4 servings PER snack

Ingredients: Rice Krispy Cereal, Marshmallows, MCT Oil, Delta 8 Distillate

About Our New Series: Ruby’s Delta 8 Delights

Ruby’s Delta 8 Delights are limited-time offer edibles that are made right here at Utoya by Ruby De La Cruz, our Chocolatier! These products may not be around forever, so if you see it and you want it, jump on it, or learn how to make some yourself by tuning into Ruby’s Delta 8 Delights on our new feature series on YouTube!

Miss the episode? Watch it now!

Episode: 1
Type: Delta 8 Edible

Time: ~30 – 45 Minutes

Description of what you’re doing:

You start by melting down marshmallows using a double boil method, as shown in the video. Simply get some MCT Coconut oil and Delta 8 Distillate mixed together into a single oil, then begin stirring it into the melted marshmallow when it is just starting to become a smooth and silky texture with just a few chunks remaining. Don’t wait too long though! Finally, add Rice Krispies to the mix, shape to desirable shape, and cut accordingly. When you follow our video, you’ll see just how to make a perfect square and divide it how you like!

What You Will Need To Cook This:

  • A Box of Rice Krispies
  • One Bag of Jumbo Jet Marshmallows
  • Distillate Syringe With Your Desired Potency Measurements
  • Stove-top with pots or a way to melt the marshmallows
  • A bowl in which to mix the treat ingredients into
  • Some arm strength
  • A little bit of patience

The best way to learn how to do this is by watching the video above!

These edibles sold so quickly, we had to quickly get ready to make more to satisfy the demand! Order yours now while they are still in stock! Don’t miss out on more delta 8 edibles like these when you watch Utoya on YouTube and Facebook!

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