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Chip Clip Product Display Wire Rack For Candy Bags

Chip-Clip Product Display Wire Rack For Candy

A lot of customers are habitual last-minute “let-me-grab-that-too” impulse shoppers, and this wire rack will stand out to them! Utoya is reputed with having some of the best gummies and candy on the market when it comes to hemp-derived products!

Get this for free when you buy 42 bags of candy!

  1. Add 42 bags of any candy to your cart
  2. Use code: DISPLAYCANDY1 OR DISPLAYCANDY2 at checkout
    3. This code will automatically add this rack to your cart, and now it’s free!


How Coupon Works: You must purchase delta 8 or thc-o edibles with more than 41 items from either or both of these categories. For the chip-clip display, you do not want to buy jars, you want to buy bags. Jars are not meant for this display. Only purchase bags for this display:

  • 15 mg Organic Gummy Bear – Bags – 30 pc
  • 25 mg Organic Fruit Slices – Bags – 18 pc
  • 40 mg Organic Sour Worms – Bags – 19 pc
  • 100 mg Jumbo Fruit Slices – Bags – 5 pc


The Impulse Buyer’s Magnet For Delta 8 and THC-O Edible Candy

This is a chip-clip display stand that will hold 42 bags of candy for your customers to quickly release and grab any bag of candy they desire! Get one for free when you buy 42 bags of candy! These chip-clip stands hold on well to even our heavier candies without any problem. Show off the Utoya display and get those last-minute impulse upsells!

Width: 15″
Length: 9″

Opportune Spots In Your Shop:

  • Close to Checkout Stand
  • Near Other Utoya Products
  • Great next to the register

Some things to be aware of:

This stand is pretty sturdy and doesn’t have a large risk of tipping over, however, keep in mind that it can still happen, so consider the placement for your wire rack.


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 15 × 29 in
Sign Type

THC-O and Delta 8 Sign, Delta 8 Sign Only