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1 Lb. Entourage Hybrid Edibles – 40 mg – Mini Fruit Slices

Entourage: Hybrid 40 mg Mini Fruit Slices

The Entourage blends have been made into potent edible combinations that are meant to bring you an experience that is as close to the medicinal cannabis that the hemp industry has to offer. You won’t find blends like these anywhere else. The Hybrid form of this edible is uplifting, chilled, and will have you ready to take on the day! You will get a perfectly balanced blend for an Indica soothed evening brought to you in the familiar form of gummies. These gummies are top of the line, indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, and third-party lab tested to ensure there are no metals, toxins, pesticides, or any harmful residuals.

As you may already know, hemp is naturally a Sativa plant, and when we say Hybrid, we aren’t actually referring to its scientific delineation necessarily (although it is technically correct in some respects of the hemp plant strains that exist), rather, we are referring to the euphoria profile that many smokers and medical patients are familiar with. This variation of Hybrid hemp is sure to bring you the full-spectrum pleasure of the entourage effect with a complete balanced buzz.

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A Multi Cannabinoid Edible, Formulated for a balanced Hybrid Entourage Effectย 

Hybrid gummies? Sounds a bit odd if you know that the hemp plant is Sativa, but in this sense of the word, it’s actually taking on its marketing meaning, which expresses that this edible will be more of a chilled out buzz with the HHC, and a good head buzz that creeps into full swing after about 20 minutes thanks to the THC-O, and improved delivery system thanks to a good balance of CBD, CBG, and CBN. You get all of this plus the natural profile of the plant!

This blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids creates a euphoric balance that aires more on the focused and relaxed spectrum of things, and it gets into full swing within about 20 minutes before the effects are able to be felt. Most users feel a soft happy body high in the beginning thanks to HHC and Delta 8, with improved delivery thanks to the CBG activating the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Next, you start a sort of roller-coaster upward rise and then the peak which can last anywhere from 1 to 5 hours on average and potentially longer. This probably isn’t what you’d smoke right before bed, but at the same time, it could work morning, noon, or night because of its awesome balance!

Some people may experience shorter or longer times, as this depends on the chemical balance of the body.

What makes this edible any more Hybrid than another?

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, over the years, have become less of scientific terms and more marketing terms. While generally regarded as incorrect, it is something that we know that smokers understand. Sativa has always been in the hemp industry due to its scientific affiliation, strains, vapes with terpene profiles, and edibles that used terpenes to achieve their goals. Indica was being pushed in through certain strains like Granddaddy Purp and Bubba Kush with genetic sciences which ultimately make them a hybrid.

Initially, this was the only way that hemp could create the effects of Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Terpenes were the main steering wheel to the idea of the entourage effect when it came to the actual effects felt by the consumer, where the genetic plants played a role in some of the delivery as well.

Many companies stick with the terpene method.

When Utoya discovered HHC, THC-O, and the powerful effects that can be obtained by combining these cannabinoids with others like Delta 8 THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, it was another game entirely. It was apparent that we had begun unlocking the full spectrum of potential. These paired cannabinoids are present to ensure a more complete euphoric experience.

We felt that overall, the experience of the edibles with just Delta 8 was good, but it was missing something for those of us who really wanted more. Its experience could only be described as hallow but helpful. That’s when Utoya discovered the way to create true experiences through the formulation and balancing of hemp-derived cannabinoids!

It is the balances of these cannabinoids that are resembled on the colorful bar graph that marks the resemblance of each cannabinoid used by volume, or in other words, how much of each cannabinoid is in there.

Sativa is more Sativa due to the THC-O, Indica gets its effects primarily from the HHC, while Hybrid creates a beautiful balance of each, that can give a light body buzz mixed with a good head buzz that will help keep you moving and feeling good about your day.

Will Entourage Hybrid Edibles Get Me High?

This is considered a very nice balanced buzz and it is known to get people pretty high. This stuff isn’t for beginners. Your tolerance for medicinal marijuana and/or other cannabinoids will play little factor in how high you may get from this edible. This is due to the nature of the product’s cannabinoid balances and terpene profile. Start slow and find your comfort zone. You may find it best to do this on an early afternoon on a day off if you haven’t tried something like this before. You’ll probably want some snacks and drinks nearby.

Proper Storage For Edibles

Keep your edibles in their glass jar, in a dark spot, away from heat, sunlight, and light in general. Light destroys cannabinoids, as does heat. Keep them dark and cool for the longest-lasting freshness. Refrigeration works great.

Freezer storage may cause loss of potency. When frozen, the cannabinoids become brittle in the cold and may fall or break off inside the jar. We don’t advise freezing your edibles, though we are aware of some people who do this and claim it doesn’t change for them. Maybe this will be true for you if you desire to try it. The less agitation the better.ย 

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