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Delta 8 Moon Rocks & Hash
The delta 8 moon rocks are so popular, they got their own category! They are different than our hot hemp product line because they are stronger, with a heavier coat of kief. These moon rocks pack the punch and deliver the flavor! These are not your typical moon rocks, as these are kiefed throughout the entire bud. Our process causes the kief to be pulled in and fused deeply within the flower so even as you open your bud, you will find plenty of kief.

These hash bricks are the next big thing in delta 8 smokables and inhalation products. We are all familiar with the hash or hashish that we have seen over the years in the cannabis industry, and now hemp has one of its own and it’s incredible.

Two major differences between our hash and any other hash you are going to find is the consistency and the taste. Our hash bricks are marvelously crafted using heat and pressure to create an incredible, delicious, and powerful smoking experience.

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